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Date Updated: January 30, 2013
Assessment of Professional Behaviors: A Multi-competency, multi-feedback program

APB Program Elements

The APB Instrument

The APB instrument consists of a multisource feedback evaluation form for raters, and a self-evaluation form for individuals being assessed.

The components of the forms are:

  • 23 behavioral items rated on a frequency scale
  • One global assessment item (not on self-evaluation)
  • Two free-text comment areas to record behaviors that merit commendation and behaviors that may be a focus for improvement
  • Two questions regarding the amount of contact the observer had with the observee during the observation period (not on self-evaluation)


Feedback Reports

Individual feedback reports are generated at the end of a defined observation period for practicing physicians and trainees for whom at least three evaluations have been completed. These reports serve as a catalyst for discussion during face-to-face feedback sessions with feedback recipients and their mentors.  

Training and Support

NBME specialists are available to you throughout your APB setup and implementation.  Our team offers:

  • Introductory webinars for programs just getting on board
  • Guidance on multisource feedback practices
  • Online, on-demand training for raters on how to use the APB instrument effectively
  • Online training for feedback providers (mentors) who meet with feedback recipients to discuss behavioral improvement
  • Ongoing e-mail and phone support

Join the APB Program!


“I don't have to be running around the hospital passing out paper forms and trying to get them collected and all that kind of stuff. It's just easy using the online system to get forms disseminated and to get the data back.”


“The value, in my opinion, is very good. It helps us address problems and provide feedback to our residents. I hope it's something that we can continue using from here on out.”

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