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Date Updated: November 13, 2016

NBME Centennial

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Announcing the NBME Centennial Prize Competition Finalists

In fall 2013, the NBME announced a call for proposals for its Centennial Prize Competition: Innovation in Future Assessment of Health Professionals. The objective of the competition is to identify innovative ideas that address future assessment needs for individual health professionals, health professions institutions/programs, licensing and certification bodies, and other domains across the continuum of health professions education and practice. Competition finalists will present their proposals at NBME’s May 4-5, 2015 Centennial Meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, NBME will award its grand centennial prize, including a cash award of $5000, a pledge that NBME will include the idea in NBME’s new product development process, and an invitation for the winner to participate in the development process as NBME’s Centennial Fellow.

Initial submissions called for descriptions, in 250 words or less, of innovative ideas for assessing health professionals in the future and were evaluated on:

  • the extent to which the idea addresses a need for assessment of health professionals in the future,
  • the potential impact on assessment of health professionals,
  • the feasibility of the idea developing into a prototype of a new NBME service, and
  • the potential for the presentation of the idea to engage participants during NBME’s May 4-5, 2015 Centennial Meeting.

Seventy-two first-round submissions were received; of these, 27 were invited to submit full proposals. Ultimately, twenty-two full submissions were received and evaluated according to the criteria above.

NBME congratulates the following four finalists, whose innovative, thought-provoking ideas will be presented at our May 2015 Centennial Meeting:

Myung Sun Choi, Jennifer Hu, Abby Koff and Devan Patel: TOPCATS (Trainee-Oriented Patient Communication Assessment System)

Joy Doll and the Creighton University Interprofessional Education Collaborative: Tying Teams Together: The Interprofessional Education Toolkit

Gregory Freund and Mike Kulas: A Next-Generation Style Video Game-based Interactive Simulation to Quantitatively Assess Non-Cognitive Abilities

Karen Hauer et al.: The Population Health Assessment Tool

NBME Centennial Awards Program for Latin America

In 2013, NBME announced a call for proposals for our Centennial Awards Program for Latin America, the goal of which is to enhance the quality of student evaluation in medical school education in Latin America. Each of the three awards provides up to $50,000 over a two-year period to foster the development of a regional medical school evaluation consortium. In particular, NBME sought proposals designed to have a broad, sustainable impact in a region by building local capacity to evaluate key learning outcomes and improve program quality at participating schools.

The following consortia are the recipients of the Centennial Awards:

  • Facultad de Ciencias Biomédicas, Universidad Austral (Argentina)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Concepción (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Argentina)

Proposal: Assessment of Aspects Related to Medical Humanism in Three South American Medical Schools

  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Facultad de Medicina (Mexico)
  • Escuela de Medicina Ignacio A. Santos del Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Mexico)
  • Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (Mexico)

Proposal: Assessment of Clinical Competence with the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Undergraduate Medical Internship

  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Finis Terrae (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad del Desarrollo campus Santiago (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Mayor (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Andres Bello (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)
  • Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Concepción (Chile)

Proposal: Improvement in OSCE Quality in Order to Optimize Clinical Competency Assessment of Medical Students

More information on this program will be presented at NBME’s 2015 annual meeting.

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In gratitude to the academic community that has comprised our “national faculty of medicine” for 100 years (and counting), NBME is pleased to announce NBME U, an online collection of lessons for individuals interested in learning a range of topics relevant to high-quality assessment for the health professions.
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NBME Road Show

Throughout the centennial year, members of our staff and board will travel to meetings of our sister organizations to discuss our work. These annual and organizational meetings include:

  • Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Federation of State Medical Boards
  • 2014 Ottawa Conference
  • International Association of Medical Science Educators
  • Association for Medical Education in Europe
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Student National Medical Association

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