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Date Updated: November 10, 2011

Center for Innovation

The Center for Innovation, established in May 2001, is charged with development of new products and services and exploration of new ventures that facilitate NBME’s strategic vision and mission. The Center monitors relevant trends and technologies, implements proof-of-concept projects, and seeks collaboration with a variety of outside entities. In addition, it administers the Edward J. Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund (Stemmler Fund).

The Center, obtains strategic, tactical and technical counsel from its Advisory Committee, and funding and approval from the NBME Executive Board. In pursuing its goals, the Center involves other NBME staff and external organizations sharing common strategic visions.

At the 2001 NBME Annual Meeting, the national faculty constituted by the Board prioritized seven areas for strategic initiatives: professionalism, “designer” assessment tools, generalist competencies, global services, cultural competence, evaluation of programs and systems, and continuous, point-of-learning products.

Click here for a list of Center for Innovation projects.

Stemmler Fund


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