The Hubbard Award recognizes significant and sustained contributions to the pursuit of excellence in the field of evaluation in medicine.

Inspired by John P. Hubbard, MD

Established in 1983, the Hubbard Award pays tribute to John P. Hubbard, MD, who played a critical role in NBME’s early history. Under his leadership, NBME entered a new era of evaluation, which resulted in the development and implementation of innovative assessment methods.

Through this award, we not only remember a key figure from our past, but also recognize individuals who follow in his footsteps through their own outstanding contributions to the pursuit of excellence in the field of evaluation in medicine.


To receive consideration for the award, a successful candidate will have demonstrated outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  • A substantial record of fostering the development of evaluation methods and/or measurement techniques
  • Personal contributions to basic or applied research in the creation or improvement of assessment methodology
  • Accomplishment in improving the quality of evaluation at an organizational level
  • Contributions through the education or mentoring of students, colleagues, fellows, or graduate students, to further progress in evaluation

2019 Award Recipient

NBME is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2019 John P. Hubbard Award for excellence in the field of evaluation in medicine.

This year’s recipient is William C. McGaghie, PhD, professor of medical education and preventive medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

Peter G. Anderson, DVM, PhD, chair of the 2019 Hubbard Award Committee, announced Dr. McGaghie’s selection at the annual meeting of the NBME membership on March 28, 2019.

In presenting the award, Dr. Anderson stated that Dr. McGaghie has made significant and sustained contributions to the assessment of professional competence in medicine and the development of medical education programs for over four decades. His work has been grounded in a thoughtful analysis of the most current evidence and addresses significant problems in medical education practice and assessment. His focus on patient safety and clinical outcomes has fostered improvement in the health of the public through effective educational methods and assessment.

Prior Hubbard Award recipient Louis N. Pangaro, MD praised Dr. McGaghie, "There are few individuals in the world whose work has done more to enhance the professionalization of medical education. Dr. McGaghie has done this through methodologically rigorous studies, integrating educational theory with clinical practice; through a sustained program of theoretically-based research; and through a commitment to serve the public by improving our confidence in the abilities of our learners at all levels of training."

Another recipient, Larry Gruppen, PhD, remarked that a "significant contribution that [Dr. McGaghie] has made to medical education is his efforts to put it in the context of patient safety and clinical outcomes. Framing medical education research as translational science, [Dr. McGaghie] has helped reform our perspective of the outcomes, purpose and value of medical education research."

Dr. McGaghie’s expertise is showcased throughout his contributions to the literature of medical assessment dating back over 40 years, including several landmark pieces. His influence is felt strongly at his home institution, where his colleagues have noted how his pioneering of a mastery model of assessment has "effectively changed education and assessment at the institutional level," and framed assessment as "a partnership between expert faculty members and engaged, motivated students."

The NBME established the Hubbard Award in 1983 in special tribute to the late John P. Hubbard, MD. Honoring Dr. Hubbard as a principal guiding force of the NBME, this award acknowledges his creative and inspired leadership of the organization during his 25-year tenure as its chief executive. Dr. McGaghie deservedly joins the ranks of the distinguished individuals whom the NBME has honored over the years with this prestigious award. His selection as the recipient followed a call for nominations published widely in the spring of 2018. The 2019 Hubbard Award Committee, chaired by Peter G. Anderson, DVM, PhD, included as members Anna Chang, MD; Melissa Margolis, PhD; Alex J. Mechaber, MD; Maxine A. Papadakis, MD; and Kimberly A. Swygert, PhD.

Past Recipients

Recipient Year Recipient Year
William C. McGaghie, PhD 2019 Richard K. Reznick, MD 2000
Louis N. Pangaro, MD 2018 Paul G. Ramsey, MD 1999
Theodorus Jan(Olle) ten Cate, PhD 2017 Mark A. Albanese, PhD 1998
Eric Holmboe, MD 2016 W. Dale Dauphinee, MD 1997
Larry D. Gruppen, PhD 2015 David I. Newble, MD 1997
Robyn Tamblyn, BScN, MSc, PhD 2014 Ian R. Hart, MB, ChB 1996
Kevin W. Eva, PhD 2013 Jerry A. Colliver, PhD 1995
Brian David Hodges, MD, PhD 2012 Georges Bordage, MD, PhD 1994
Judy A. Shea, PhD 2011 John W. Williamson, MD 1993
Maxine A. Papadakis, MD 2010 Ronald M. Harden, MD 1992
John J. Norcini, PhD 2009 Arthur S. Elstein, PhD 1991
Dame Lesley Southgate 2008 Paula L. Stillman. MD 1990
Glenn Regehr, PhD 2007 Geoffrey R. Norman, PhD 1989
Reed G. Williams, PhD 2006 Christine H. McGuire, MA 1987
Cees P.M. van der Vleuten, PhD 2005 Stephen Abrahamson, PhD 1986
David L. Nahrwold, MD 2003 George E. Miller, MD 1985
Susan M, Case, PhD 2002 Howard S. Barrows, MD 1984
David M. Irby, PhD 2001    


Make a Nomination

A letter of nomination is to be submitted from a primary sponsor specifically addressing the nominee's achievements in relation to at least one of the criteria and is to be accompanied by the nominee's current curriculum vitae.

These materials must be received no later than September 13, 2019. The Award Committee will select finalists. Nominators of finalists may be asked to submit additional information. Submission of materials by email to is preferred.

Direct all materials or inquiries to:

2020 John P. Hubbard Award Committee
3750 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 590-9681



*Please note that individuals currently employed as NBME staff members are not eligible for nomination, and contributions to the field of medical evaluation during employment by the NBME will not be included in consideration for the Hubbard Award.