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Date Updated: May 14, 2018

Timing Impact on Measurement in Education

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For more than 100 years, NBME has specialized in state of the art assessment of health professionals. This ensures that all examinees demonstrate the core competencies to practice in their fields. Countless hours are dedicated to writing exams so that the public can feel confident that all of their healthcare professionals have met a common standard. One of the most important aspects of test taking is timing.

In October 2017, NBME hosted a conference focused on understanding the importance of timing and pacing for high-stakes tests, as well as the implications of timing considerations for policy and practice.

The TIME (Timing Impact on Measurement in Education) Conference took place in October 2017, and addressed a wide range of topics on examination timing and the extent to which speed of response should be a consideration in the creation of high-stakes exams. The conference featured speakers, panel discussions, as well as a poster session, all of which were met with great enthusiasm.

Most of the conference material presented will soon be available in a book, edited by NBME staff members Melissa Margolis and Rich Feinberg, and tentatively scheduled for publication in late 2018. Keep an eye out and your watch tuned—due to the success of this event, NBME plans to host other  events like this in the future!

To see video clips from the TIME Conference, click here.


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