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Date Updated: June 27, 2014

Subject Examinations

NBME subject examinations are achievement tests in a broad sense, requiring medical students to solve scientific and clinical problems.

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Transition to Web Based Examinations

The NBME has transitioned all Basic Science and Clinical Science Subject Examinations to a web based format. New forms of all subject examinations will be implemented only as web exams, and several new web-based subject examinations have already been introduced. Paper subject examinations will continue to be available; although it is likely that by 2015 this format of the examinations will be phased out. Examinations that have both a web and paper format are identical in content.

Administration of NBME  Subject Examinations at Prometric Test Centers

The comprehensive and clinical science web-based subject examinations may be ordered for administration at Prometric’s   worldwide network of 350 secure, convenient test centers.  

Prometric  testing may be preferred for students serving on clinical rotations in a distributed hospital network or for those located at sites without web-based test delivery.

Testing at Prometric centers requires some more advance planning to allow students sufficient time to schedule testing appointments.  When ordering the examinations on line, schools must set a 7-14 day testing window and populate a test administration roster which includes students’ email addresses.  The NBME then emails the students with a URL to access a web page for retrieval of their scheduling permits. 

For more details on how the process works, including fees and how to arrange for test accommodations, see Administration of NBME Subject Examinations at Prometric Test Centers.  If you have additional questions, you may contact us at subjectexams@nbme.org.

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