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Date Updated: November 10, 2011


The NBME continually supports research in the fields of advanced methods of testing, clinical skills assessment, and ongoing studies of the validity and reliability of NBME examination programs. The uses of standardized patients and computer-based case simulations in components of the United States Medical Licensing Examination are examples of current examination formats that grew from NBME research and development projects.

Center for Innovation

The Center for Innovation, established in 2001, is a unit of the NBME that is charged with development of new products and services and exploration of new ventures that facilitate NBME’s strategic vision and mission. The Center monitors relevant trends and technologies, implements proof-of-concept projects, and seeks collaboration with a variety of outside entities.

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Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund

In 1995, its interest in continuing to enhance the USMLE and encourage strong links with medical schools led the NBME to create what is now known as the Edward J. Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund.The Fund assists research in topics relevant to the mission of the NBME and has supported 65 grant awards, a total of approximately $5 million, since 1995. The Fund sponsors an annual Call for Proposals and awards up to seven new grants per year.

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