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Date Updated: May 14, 2018


The NBME research enterprise provides new information for use in enhancing existing products, developing new products, informing best practices, and aiding evidence-based decisions at both programmatic and institutional levels. While NBME’s research is spread throughout the organization, prioritizing and managing research is the responsibility of the Office of Research (TOR) and the Research Implementation Committee (RIC). Together, TOR and RIC ensure the alignment of NBME research with institutional priorities. Current projects include investigations related to the assessment of new constructs, test score scaling and equating, score reporting and feedback, validity, group differences, and other areas.

Examination Data for Research Purposes. The NBME considers requests from individuals or institutions that wish to conduct research using NBME data (i.e., de-identified, anonymized data). NBME will evaluate such data requests for clarity and purpose of the research question, as well as the extent to which the data and planned analyses can answer the research question, among other considerations. NBME reserves the right to request further information, to accept or decline any request, and to provide information subject to additional terms and conditions. The NBME may charge an administrative fee depending on the effort required to construct and transfer a data file. Please contact the Office of Research at ors@nbme.org for more information.

The Office of Research also administers the Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund, which provides grants to medical schools for innovative projects in assessment as it relates to medical education and practice.


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