Research collaborations include our work through the NBME Assessment Alliance and support for external researchers, which may involve sharing high-quality, de-identified data, providing educational opportunities and funding for research projects.

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NBME Assessment Alliance

Our newest initiative, the NBME Assessment Alliance, is designed to facilitate productive and creative collaborations. Through a variety of funded programs, NBME will engage directly with educators, learners and other stakeholders to identify how we can best prepare the next generation of health professionals. The Alliance will provide resources to schools and other organizations to help accelerate problem-solving, support promising initiatives and expand opportunities for new research. 

In 2022, to kick-start the Alliance, we will be introducing a series of NBME Creative Communities between you, the medical community, and our team at NBME.

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Data Sharing and Collaboration Program

Our Data Sharing and Collaboration Program allows us to share high-quality data with independent researchers pursuing topics of their own interest that also have the potential to benefit the medical education and measurement communities. All data shared by NBME is de-identified to protect the personal information of examinees.

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NBME Assessment Science and Psychometrics Internship

Our summer internship provides opportunities for students, who are actively enrolled in a doctoral program in measurement, statistics, cognitive science, medical education or a related field, to gain hands-on experience and learn from NBME staff. The program pairs aspiring leaders in assessment with seasoned NBME mentors to collaborate on a research project.

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NBME Contributions

We provide funding to external researchers through two additional programs. The Stemmler Fund supports researchers in their work to develop innovative approaches for the assessment of medical education, while Latin America Grants help institutions focused on making a broad and sustainable impact on the quality of student assessment and program evaluation in Latin America.