The NBME Latin America Grant Program supports quality assessment in health professionals’ education in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and/or South America.


Established in 2018, the Latin America Grant Program promotes collaboration among regional health professions school consortia. The program offers institutions grants of up to $50,000 over a two-year period to fund innovative and sustainable projects that relate to assessment and address local needs and priorities.

How to Apply

The application cycle is currently closed.

The Application Guide explains the requirements and format that should be followed for your application submission.   


When you are ready to submit your application, please visit the Latin America Grant Portal.   


  1. Login or create an account on NBME’s Submittable page.   
  2. Select the 2024 Latin America Grant link or the “Submit” button.   
  3. Read the Guidelines and complete the form.   
  4. Follow the instructions for submitting your application and attach any required documents.   
  5. You may save your online application at any time and return to complete it later by scrolling to the bottom of the submission form and selecting “Save Draft.”    
    1. When you are ready to return to complete the form, log into your account, click on your name at the top right of the internet browser, select “My Submissions” and select the desired draft.   


Reach out to our Grant Program team at with questions.    

About the Application

Eligibility: This program is currently open to principal investigators with appointments at a medical school, a ministry or other organization (e.g. hospital) providing medical education at the undergraduate and/or residency level(s).

The following elements constitute a complete proposal:    


  • Abstract (350 words) which summarizes the project.  
  • Program Description (6 pages) which includes:  
    • Introduction and Project Aims: A statement of the problem being addressed or investigated, including literature review and any existing pilot data.     
    • Methods and Materials (Data Collection): Study design and methods of the proposed project.      
    • Data Analysis and/or Program Evaluation: An evaluation plan that is appropriate for the study design links to the anticipated outcomes and results.   
    • Anticipated Outcomes and Results: Anticipated primary and any relevant secondary outcomes. Plans for generalizability.   
    • Collaboration and Mentoring: How the project will utilize collaboration among institutions, involve diverse stakeholders, and develop mentoring relationships within the project team.  
    • Future Steps: Generalized use of the project results or findings, or potential integration into other learning settings.  


  • Itemized Budget: limited to 10% indirect costs.      
  • Detailed Timeline: including key milestones, activities and deliverables.  
  • Biographical sketch: For principal investigator (PI) and associated team.    
  • IRB approvals/applications: As applicable.   
  • Letter of Support: At least one letter of support from institutional leadership (e.g., Division/Department Director, Dean, or other program leader, etc.). The letter should convey leadership support for the project and address PI’s available time to complete the project.     

How to Complete Funding

When your project is approved for funding, the NBME staff will work with you to complete the contract between your organization and NBME. Funding is contingent upon completing the contract process and providing NBME with IRB documentation, if applicable.

Once your project is funded and in progress, interim and final reports are required as part of your contractual agreement. Guidelines for report submission are provided below. For information specific to your obligations, please refer to your grant contract. You will receive reminders from the NBME staff regarding due dates for your reports.

Interim Reports

You are required to submit an interim report midway through the grant funding period. Release of the remainder of grant funds is contingent upon our receipt of your interim report.

Final Reports

You are required to submit a final report within 60 days of the completion of the project. A one-time extension may be granted, but you must submit a detailed request in writing.

View Past Projects

Since its founding, the Latin America Grant Program has supported six impressive projects and 21 institutions spanning various countries including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. Previous projects have addressed faculty development, programmatic evaluation, clinical assessment and online learning. Learn more about recent recipients and their projects.