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Help your students get the most out of their INSIGHTSSM dashboard


With INSIGHTS, examinees can now view their NBME® Self-Assessment and Subject Exam results in one place.

This interactive dashboard enables users to track their progress across multiple assessments, identify content areas where further study is needed, and uncover actionable feedback with enhanced question review options.

To learn more about INSIGHTS and the examinee experience within the dashboard, watch the INSIGHTS Overview video, download the user guide, and view answers to common questions below.



This video tutorial provides an overview of the INSIGHTS interface and covers key features found on each tab within the dashboard.

The INSIGHTS User Guide can also help you gain a better understanding of how feedback is presented to examinees. This guide is available to test takers directly in INSIGHTS and through the MyNBME® Examinee Portal.

Common Questions

Not at this time. However, students are allowed to review their INSIGHTS information with others in person or share their screen through a web conference tool. Students may also export certain tables within INSIGHTS to share the results via email.

Results for all Self-Assessments started and completed since January 1, 2023, and all Subject Exams (including Comprehensive Exams) completed since February 2, 2024 are viewable in INSIGHTS, with the exception of the International Foundations of Medicine® (IFOM®) Clinical Science Self-Assessment.

Only NBME Self-Assessments and Subject Exams purchased under the same account and listed under the same email address appear on INSIGHTS for that account.

Some examinees may also see Subject Exams dating back to November 1, 2023, depending on when their institution began entering examinee emails as part of the Subject Exam ordering process. 

At this time, only NBME Self-Assessment and Subject Exam results are available in INSIGHTS.

The intent of INSIGHTS is to help students plan their study time effectively and make actionable decisions about their future learning needs. NBME is exploring the possibility of adding other exams to INSIGHTS in the future, but no date has been set for that expansion.

INSIGHTS is intended to provide students with additional ways to review their exam scores and to help them gauge their readiness for the USMLE or a Clinical Science Subject Exam. It presents results in ways that are more dynamic and customizable. Links to official score reports are also provided for each assessment in INSIGHTS.

Not all NBME assessments provide the same level of detail due to differences in their purpose and number of questions.

The question-and-answer content is the same, but INSIGHTS allows students to look at question details across NBME Self-Assessments that they have taken, and to sort and filter the questions based on certain criteria, so they don’t have to page through every question. 

The interactive report is still available and can be accessed on the My Exams tab via the “Question-Level Report” link for any Self-Assessment. The interactive report can also be found in the MyNBME® Examinee Portal by navigating to the appropriate registration link for that exam and selecting “View Your Results Interactively.”

There are additional answers to frequently asked questions in the INSIGHTS User Guide. For more information on scoring, please refer to official Score Report PDFs.