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We contribute to medical education and measurement communities with the goal of improving patient care through quality assessment of medical professionals. 

NBME’s contributions to medical educators and researchers begin with professional development opportunities for early career professionals, continue with grants through their mid-career and conclude with recognition of those making significant achievements in the field of medical education assessment.

Fellowships and Professional Development

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Summer Psychometric Internship

This eight-week internship program provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and mentorship.

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Center for Measurement Justice (CMJ)-NBME Dissertation Fellowship

This fellowship provides a stipend to conduct dissertation level research on assessment justice for historically underrepresented groups.

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Strategic Educators Enhancement Fellowship (SEEF)

The SEEF helps faculty in the early stages of their career to develop skills in medical education and assessment research.

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NBME Invitational Conference for Educators (NICE)

The NICE helps foster assessment skills and provides a networking venue for the faculty attendees.

Grants and Awards

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Emerging Innovators Grants

This program empowers early- to mid-career faculty, researchers and leaders to explore visionary ideas.

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Stemmler Grants

This program supports mid- and senior-career researchers in their work to develop innovative approaches for the assessment of medical education.

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Latin America Grants

This program supports innovative assessment collaborations in health professionals’ education in the Latin America region.

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Hubbard Award

This award recognizes academics and researchers who made broad-based sustainable contributions to medical education assessment.