Introducing the New Customized Assessment Services Practice Option

Flexible assessments that enhance teaching and learning

Through the collaboration of psychometric experts and nationwide faculty, NBME creates high quality assessments that help the medical community maximize knowledge and performance ensuring that patients receive better care.


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A new way to use CAS tests

Non-proctored tests with flexible administration options

  • Build blueprints from a dedicated question bank of foundational science items
  • Set up online administration windows, eliminating the need to reserve rooms or find proctors
  • Give students more flexibility by allowing them to test anytime within the administration window

Feedback that fosters learning

  • Provide students with percent correct scores and a review of questions answered incorrectly immediately upon completion
  • Conduct exam review sessions using the CAS Item Analysis App with a group to encourage team discussion and learning
  • Meet individually with students who need more help to provide specialized instruction
  • Administer tests frequently throughout a course to gauge student progress and address problems immediately

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