New Customized Test Battery Platform

Posted September 30, 2015

Based on feedback from faculty, the NBME has developed the Customized Test Battery platform, which enables administration of a series of exams using a combination of fixed-form, standardized subject tests and examinations created through the Customized Assessment Services (CAS) program. The Customized Test Battery platform can expand your assessment capabilities. For example:

  • If your curriculum emphasizes fundamental science in the clerkship, you can administer a clinical science subject test along with a custom module of items covering associated basic science concepts.
  • You can administer a basic science subject test and supplement the exam with items from other basic science content and/or with advanced clinical vignettes to match your assessment needs.

The "Battery Builder" is housed on the Build Exam tab of the NBME Services Portal (NSP). The tool is easy to use and includes the functionality to:

  • create a test battery from a list of all NBME subject tests and any customized exams that are also available in the online ordering system
  • set the test delivery sequence for the selected exams
  • place one or more "off the clock" breaks between exams
  • lock, edit, copy and delete test batteries

Test batteries are intended for administration to a single group of examinees and delivered in one exam session. The NBME web-based testing proctoring system has been modified to reflect test battery administrations. The examinations are scored separately, and reports are posted to the appropriate subject exam or CAS folders in NSP.

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