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Posted: August 21, 2022 | Mark Gierl, Kimberly Swygert, Donna Matovinovic, Allison Kulesher, Hollis Lai

Teaching and Learning in Medicine: Volume 33 - Issue 4 - p 366-381


The purpose of this analysis is to describe these sources of evidence that can be used to evaluate the quality of generated items. The important role of medical expertise in the development and evaluation of the generated items is highlighted as a crucial requirement for producing validation evidence.

Posted: March 12, 2018 | M. von Davier

Psychometrika 83, 847–857 (2018)


Utilizing algorithms to generate items in educational and psychological testing is an active area of research for obvious reasons: Test items are predominantly written by humans, in most cases by content experts who represent a limited and potentially costly resource. Using algorithms instead has the appeal to provide an unlimited resource for this crucial part of assessment development.