General Principles of Foundational Science (30%–35%)

   Biochemistry and molecular biology

   Biology of cells (excludes signal transduction)


   Cell cycle and cell cycle regulation

   Mechanisms of dysregulation

   Cell/tissue structure, regulation, and function

   Biology of tissue response to disease

   Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic processes

Immune System (1%–5%)

Blood & Lymphoreticular System (1%–5%)

Nervous System & Special Senses (5%–10%)

Skin & Subcutaneous Tissue (1%–5%)

Musculoskeletal System (1%–5%)

Cardiovascular System (1%–5%)

Respiratory System (1%–5%)

Gastrointestinal System (5%–10%)

Renal & Urinary System (5%–10%)

Pregnancy, Childbirth, & the Puerperium (1%–5%)

Female Reproductive System & Breast (1%–5%)

Male Reproductive System (1%–5%)

Endocrine System (5%–10%)

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