Introduction to Clinical Diagnosis


General Principles (15%−20%)

   Human development and genetics

   Cultural & behavioral considerations affecting disease treatment & prevention

   Progression through life cycle

   Psychologic and social factors influencing patient behavior

   Patient interviewing, consultation, and interactions with the family

   Medical ethics, jurisprudence, and professional behavior


Hematopoietic & Lymphoreticular System (1%−5%)

Central & Peripheral Nervous System (15%−20%)

Skin & Related Connective Tissue (1%−5%)

Musculoskeletal System (5%−10%)

Respiratory System (10%−15%)

Cardiovascular System (15%−20%)

Gastrointestinal System (10%−15%)

Renal/Urinary System (1%−5%)

Reproductive System (5%−10%)

Endocrine System (1%−5%)

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