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The details of your education journey are as important as the big milestones. Whether you’re teaching, still in school, or developing your health profession, we know you have questions. Below is a good place to start to learn more.

NBME Self-Assessment Voucher Common Questions

A 10% discount is provided for the purchase of 50 or more vouchers.

Yes, vouchers are good for one year from the NBME date of issue. Institutions will receive credit for unused vouchers associated with orders submitted through the NBME store.

Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), check, wire transfer, or available credit.

Self-assessment vouchers ordered with a credit card or account credit are generally available within 15 minutes of order placement. However, if payment is remitted with a check or wire, the vouchers will not be available until the order is paid in full.