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The details of your education journey are as important as the big milestones. Whether you’re teaching, still in school, or developing your health profession, we know you have questions. Below is a good place to start to learn more.

NBME Self-Assessments

No, the self-assessments contain different content and are available at any time to any person who wishes to purchase one via MyNBME, and may be taken in any location in which you have a suitable computer with internet connectivity. The self-assessments provide you detailed diagnostic information about your performance upon completion of the test, including areas of strength and weakness, as well as a lookup table for USMLE scores (Comprehensive Basic Science and Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessments only).

The USMLE practice sessions at the Prometric Centers cannot be scheduled or purchased until you receive your USMLE registration permit, and must be taken onsite at a Prometric Center. The Prometric practice sessions uses the same sample test materials provided by the USMLE registration entities and at the USMLE website, and is shorter than the actual corresponding USMLE exam. This option allows you to experience USMLE sample test materials in the same environment as your actual test. The practice sessions provide you limited diagnostic information (percent of items answered correctly in each block) upon completion.

You can select your desired pacing when ordering self-assessments:

  • Choose the Standard-paced option if you want the timing conditions of your self-assessment to be comparable to USMLE, IFOM, Clinical Science Subject Examinations.
  • Choose the Self-paced option for additional time to complete your self-assessment. Self-paced timing offers examinees four times as long to complete questions as standard-paced (e.g. 5 hours to complete a Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment block in self-paced timing, vs. 1 hour, 15 minutes to complete the same block in standard-paced).

Once you have completed the entire self-assessment, you can review all the items and the correct answers in the performance feedback in the exam review section. However, you cannot go back and change answers once you have completed the exam. While you are working within each section and before you lock it, you can change answers, mark them for review, or leave them blank. When you exit each section by clicking “End” then “OK”, you lock that section and your answers become final.

You can review and print your performance profile for 2-years after completing the self-assessment. However, please note that the review of the correct and incorrect items with answer key will only be available for 90 days following completion of the self-assessment.

Yes. Following completion of any comprehensive self-assessments, Clinical Science Mastery Series, or IFOM Clinical Science Self-Assessment, you will be able to review all self-assessment items with their correct answers. Please note that the review of the correct and incorrect items with answer key will only be available for 90 days following completion of the self-assessment.