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Date Updated: July 5, 2018

Correct Answers Available for NBME Self-Assessments Beginning July 2

The search is over

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes the correct answer may not be apparent to you. And later you may not remember the question or the answer you chose.

If you are preparing for a United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) Step, learning from your mistakes, or going over those questions you guessed at during practice tests can be just as important as reviewing content. Together, it offers you a great opportunity to fully understand the broad array of concepts required.

Beginning July 2, 2018, after you complete an NBME self-assessment you will see the correct answers for all of the exam questions. This answer key enhancement will be available for the following self-assessments:

  • Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment (CBSSA) for those who are preparing for Step 1 of the USMLE
  • Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessment (CCSSA) for those who are preparing for Step 2 CK of the USMLE
  • Comprehensive Clinical Medicine Self-Assessment (CCMSA) for those who are preparing for the multiple-choice questions in Step 3 of the USMLE

With correct answers available, you will not need to spend time researching the correct answers. You will have the opportunity to review every question with its corresponding correct answer after you complete your test.

If you purchase the self-assessment and complete it before July 2nd, you will only be able to see the answers for your incorrectly answered questions. However, if you purchase and/or start it but do not complete it until after July 2nd, you will be able to see the answers for both your correctly and incorrectly answered questions.

Prices for the NBME Self-Assessments will remain the same and longitudinal feedback, which allows you to track your progress over time, will continue to be provided at no cost to you when you complete multiple assessments.

This enhancement is part of the NBME’s commitment to continuous improvement. To further support medical students and graduates, NBME will also make the new answer key enhancement available for the Clinical Science Mastery Series and the International Foundations of Medicine® (IFOM®) Clinical Science Self-Assessment beginning in October 2018.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at support@nbme.org.



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