Apply for NBME’s Summer 2021 Assessment Science and Psychometrics Internship Program

Posted December 18, 2020

Submit Your Application for this Research Opportunity by Jan. 31, 2021.


For summer 2021, NBME’s Assessment Science and Psychometrics Internship Program is back in an innovative virtual format. Until Jan. 31, 2021, doctoral students studying measurement, statistics, cognitive science, medical education or a related field can apply for this research experience.

From June 7 to July 30, the program pairs each intern with seasoned NBME staff mentors to take on a project focusing on the assessment of medical professionals, culminating in a summary presentation. In previous years, this has led to conference presentations or publication of work.

This year’s potential projects reflect NBME’s dedication to the evolving needs of medical education and health care. Listed below, individuals can express their preference towards a variety of topics to potentially work on during their internship when they apply. Extended descriptions of these projects and other important information is available at NBME Contributions.

  • Exploring Response Process Validity Evidence for a Medical Licensing Examination Program
  • Virtual Performance Assessment
  • What Determines Physician Competence?
  • Interactive Psychometric Dashboards
  • Using NLP to Explore Item Bias and Test Validity
  • Measurement Instrument Revision and Development
  • Qualitative Analysis of Focus Group and Interview Data
  • Computer-Assisted Scoring of Constructed Response Test Items
  • Modern Test Construction Methods

In addition to research, participants can expect scholarly collaboration with their fellow graduate students, weekly virtual meetings with their professional mentor(s) to brainstorm ideas and dialogues with leaders from key departments across the organization.

The summer internship program is one way NBME advances its research and innovation through psychometrics, which includes the measurement of assessments and examinee performance. Some participants have become full-time researchers and psychometricians that work at NBME today.

“Being part of an individual’s career trajectory is something I personally feel is very important,” Jonathan Rubright, Vice President, Office of Research said. “My favorite part of the program is building relationships with graduate student scholars. We become part of their network, and they become part of ours.”

Do you think you could be a great candidate for the Psychometric Summer Internship Program? Visit NBME Careers to apply today! In addition, check back here next month for an inside look at the NBME internship experience from Zarah Chaudhary, one of last summer’s participants.

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