Enhanced Score Reports Planned for Comprehensive Subject Exams

Posted August 5, 2020

So that students who take Comprehensive Basic Science (CBSE) and Comprehensive Clinical Science Subject Examinations (CCSE) can see a categorical comparison of how they performed in content areas relative to a national comparison group, enhanced score reports will be available starting Sept. 28, 2020.

The enhanced score reports for CBSE and CCSE will classify examinee performance in each content area as low, average, or high relative to the comparison group. The addition of this new information helps students to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, based on their own performance on the exams and relative to other students’ performances in the comparison group.

Score Reporting for All Subject Exams to be Briefly Suspended in September

To help facilitate this transition to enhanced score reports, score reporting will be temporarily suspended for all subject examinations administered from Sept. 25 through Sept. 27, 2020 and will become available on the NBME Services Portal (NSP) no later than Monday, Sept. 28, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact the NBME Subject Exam team at subjectexams@nbme.org.

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