New NBME® Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessments Coming Soon

Posted June 30, 2021

Learn more about enhanced Self-Assessments below and access helpful FAQs here. 

Designed to enhance students’ learning and align with USMLE® Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) content, new versions of Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessment forms will be available for ordering on the MyNBME Examinee Portal on July 28, 2021. While other forms will retire, students can expect to better assess their readiness for Step 2 CK with updated Self-Assessments that will:

Provide Helpful, In-Depth Answer Explanations 

Along with your score report, answer explanations on new forms enable students to maximize valuable study time by helping you to easily learn from mistakes and reinforce what you already understand. 

Align with USMLE Content Distribution Changes  

Content that appears on new Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessment forms aligns with the Step 2 CK content distribution changes announced in Summer 2020.

Contain More Test Questions and Eliminate Randomization

The number of questions per Self-Assessment will increase from 184 to 200. This means you will receive more practice questions in each new form to help you gain more exposure to the types of questions that are similar to the ones on USMLE. Additionally, the questions on each updated form will appear in a consistent, sequential order. Eliminating this randomization enables you to share and compare your results more readily with peers and medical school faculty.

Appear in a New User Interface 

With a modern look and feel, the new user interface for self-assessments possesses the same visual changesexaminees may have seen on Basic Science, Clinical Science, Comprehensive and Advanced Clinical Science Subject Examination forms

Continue to Provide Scoring Information to Help You Assess Your Readiness for Other Exams 

Scoring information for self-assessments you’ve completed can help you to measure your readiness for upcoming exams. The Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessment forms in particular help you to assess your readiness to take Step 2 CK. 

Information on Retiring Forms

Why Retire Forms? 

Self-Assessment forms are occasionally retired and replaced with new versions to help you prepare for upcoming exams and provide a current, enhanced educational experience. Some Self-Assessment forms will be retired at the same time new forms are released. 

New Versions of Forms and Retiring Forms: 

Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessments: For July 28, 2021

  • Updated Forms: 9, 10 and 11 
  • Forms to Retire: 6, 7 and 8

Have questions about ordering the upcoming new forms? Check out the FAQs here.

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