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Date Updated: February 12, 2019

NBME Self-Assessment Services Voucher Program

The NBME offers a variety of web-based self-assessments to domestic and international medical students and graduates. The Comprehensive Basic Science, Clinical Science, and Clinical Medicine self-assessments help students to evaluate their readiness to take the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge, and Step 3 examinations. The Clinical Science Mastery Series allows examinees to gauge their comprehension of the clinical sciences covered during a clerkship or medical education course.

Self-assessments for the International Foundations of MedicineĀ® (IFOMĀ®) Clinical Science Examination are for students preparing to take that examination or for anyone wishing to evaluate their medical knowledge and understanding of clinical science considered essential internationally for the provision of safe and effective patient care. The IFOM Clinical Science self-assessment is available in English and Spanish.

The material presented in the self-assessments is provided by the NBME for educational purposes only. The self-assessments are not intended to predict performance. Rather, the self-assessments are intended to be used as a tool to determine a participant's relative areas of strengths and weakness in general topic areas. Performance feedback varies based on the type of self-assessment.

The NBME Self-Assessment Services (NSAS) Voucher Program is offered to medical schools, residency programs and other medical education organizations interested in purchasing self-assessments for their students. Institutions are able to:

  • Order vouchers for the self-assessment through an online NBME Store
  • Assign a specific form number to voucher IDs
  • Download prepaid voucher IDs and distribute them to students for requesting a self-assessment
  • Track the redemption of vouchers (redeemed versus unredeemed)
  • Track voucher expiration (voucher IDs are good for one year from the NBME date of issue)
  • Monitor the completion of self-assessments (not launched, launched or completed)
  • View performance feedback for completed self-assessments

For more details about this program read the NSAS Voucher Program Guide.

Voucher Fees

The fees below are per voucher. A discount is applied when institutions purchase 50 or more self-assessment vouchers.

Self-Assessment Fee
Comprehensive Basic Science, Clinical Science and Clinical Medicine $60.00
Clinical Science Mastery Series $20.00
IFOM Clinical Science $35.00

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