General Principles of Foundational Science (5%–10%)

Nervous System & Special Senses (90%–95%)

   Embryonic development, fetal maturation, and perinatal changes

   Organ structure and function

   Brain stem


   Sensory systems

   Motor systems

   Autonomic nervous system

   Peripheral nerves

   Cell/tissue structure and function

   Repair, regeneration, and changes associated with stage of life

   Infectious, immunologic, and inflammatory disorders

   Neoplasms (cerebral, spinal, and peripheral)

   Cerebrovascular disease

   Disorders relating to the spine, spinal cord, and spinal nerve roots

   Cranial and peripheral nerve disorders

   Neurologic pain syndromes

   Degenerative disorders/amnestic syndromes

   Global cerebral dysfunction

   Neuromuscular disorders

   Movement disorders

   Paroxysmal disorders

   Sleep disorders

   Traumatic and mechanical disorders and disorders of increased intracranial pressure

   Congenital disorders

Endocrine System (1%–5%)

Multisystem Processes & Disorders (1%–5%)

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