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The details of your education journey are as important as the big milestones. Whether you’re teaching, still in school, or developing your health profession, we know you have questions. Below is a good place to start to learn more.

Subject Examinations Common Questions

Subject Exam fees vary by exam and administration location. The exams are available for purchase by medical school faculty only. For additional information, go the Subject Exams page.

To ensure the integrity of the Subject Exams program and the validity of the scores reported, it is essential to maintain the security and confidentiality of test materials at all times. For additional information regarding prohibited materials at the testing center visit the Exam Security page.

For additional information regarding Subject Exams available at Prometric testing centers, view the Prometric Administration Guide.

Number of items and length varies by exam. Learn more by accessing the Program Guide.

Content outlines and sample items for each exam are available here.